EFLR Projects for 2014

The Trustees of EFLR have decided on the meeting of 18.02.2014 to give start to two projects for the first three quarters of 2014.

1.) The Working Class of Turkey – Numerical Data and the General Framework;

2.) The Digitisation of mainly Union publications from Turkey, to create an E-Collection at the Archives of EFLR Library.


About Projects

Many young social scientists are interested in working on several issues concerning working class. We read and hear that some very important works are already going on in the academic circles, committed organisations. That is really refreshing, given the situation of the global working class movement(s). EFLR will join this caravan.

As we have declared in our Missions and Objectives Statement, we would like to get into contact with these young academicians to bring their energy and contributions to the common pool of the Working Class, with an eye to win them to the working class “intelligentsia”.

So, if you think you have a good idea, a feasible project to realise, please have a look at our Missions and Objectives Statement and contact us to learn more about how we can cooperate.  Please tell us your name and surname, your email address and preferably a telephone number, and send us the idea / project you want to talk about (abstract) with EFLR. 
You may contact us by e-mail at bilgi@emarvakfı.org or, alternatively write to

EFLR Easdale Foundation for Labour Research,

Unit G5, Studio 28, Lawrence Road, London, N15 4EG, U.K.

Project 1: The Working Class of Turkey – Numerical Data and the General Framework

Project 2: Creation of an E-Library of Union Publications