Our mission & objectives

EMAR – EFLR Mission statement

Our world is passing through a major deep transformation period.

As “old”, “outmoded”, “more energy and time consuming”  industries, branches, technologies are in the process of dying, the working and living conditions of the working people are globally set into radical and extremely painful changes from every corner. Tens of millions of people see their “job”s disappear. Life-changing developments are everywhere. New technologies, new sources of energy, new forces, means and methods of production are being introduced as a new global division of labour at all levels is shaping up as we witness the collapse and often painful death  of old, weak, outmoded and the backward. This is true in all fronts from Afghanistan to USA.

This process, which is also called by some as “the third wave”, or “the post-industrial transformation”, or “the information revolution” is, we believe, also a process of birth; the birth of the new forces of production, new infrastructures for the whole world economy which in turn does require new social-political “superstructures”.  

These chains of developments, while requiring for capitalism’s own purposes new methods and forms towards the reorganisation of work, and forcefully bringing new working and living conditions for the working people of the world, also herald a not-so-distant-future (of opportunity) where “Labour no longer (will) appear so much to be included within the production process; rather, the human being (will) come to relate more as watchman and regulator to the production process itself”, a society where worker will “step to the side of the production process instead of being its chief actor”. We are talking about the objective conditions which give the humanity opportunity for the “full development” of each and all individuals, the  gradual introduction of productive forces which lays the ground “for the emancipation of humanity from the alienated labour”.
This transformation which ruling class calls “the destructive creativity” unquestionably brings great dangers and threats against the working class of the world. It does, however, unwittingly introduce to the global forces of labour new and global windows of opportunity and chances for re-education, re-learning, re-awakening and re-positioning themselves politically, organisationally and socially vis-à-vis the ruling classes.

We believe workers of the world can and should use every single opportunity from this epoch of great changes to learn their lessons, and convert threats and losses into challenges and future gains in the global class struggle.
EMAR-EFLR will serve to this purpose in the domain of science, research and education and will assist workers, labour organisations, workers’ initiatives/institutions from Turkey, U.K., Europe and the other geographies, to change their own destiny(!) and become again a new force to reckon with.

EMAR-EFLR will promote workers’ own personal progress and reawakening. She will promote the understanding of “unity – internal democracy – militancy” in her honest and humble relations with Turkish, British and European and other labour  unions in a way to contribute to development and strengthening of the role of the workers’ unions at workplaces and in the social, cultural lives of the great family of working class.

EMAR-EFLR objectives:

  • We will help union leaders, both national and grassroots, all labour initiatives and organisations to grasp, understand and monitor the deep-going changes around their workplaces, local regions, national borders and the globe which we should rather call “working class’s home”.
  • We will help representatives of labour to learn about the opportunities presented to them by all-embracing global changes in production and distribution, and organisation of personal lives of the 99% of humanity.
  • We will work together with the unions to understand the importance of self-learning, self-confidence, self-awareness and raised consciousness based on the democratic culture and humanist philosophy of labour to be able to win the future struggles in the battlegrounds of the one-world market.
  • We will therefore have an eye on strengthening the unions’ capacity over learning, training and educating their members, reps and professionals in the spirit of global struggle.
  • We will help within the capacity of our Memorandum, organising solidarity and unity at all levels between elected workers’ bodies, initiatives and institutions which contribute at any instance of life to the workers’ struggle in sciences, research, democratic education, training, organising their social-cultural or political life.
  • We will initiate and/or duly support in our own capacity all independent, scientific research and organisational work of quality which supports our aims.
  • We will monitor the current developments in Turkey, U.K., E.U. and the world over to keep ourselves as a highly informed organisation capable of realising own objectives.
  • We will continue to promote our activities and demonstrate the added high value of “unity – internal democracy – militancy” and humanist philosophy in the workers’ world.
  • We will continue to monitor and improve the effectiveness of our organisation in order to meet our stated objectives, including implementing an equality assessment of both internal and external activity.
  • EMAR-EFLR wants tobecome a centre of excellence for supporting high quality research and education activity for and by the unionised workers, and disseminating the information on best practices through “exchange of experiences” among the workers and/or their organisations.