EMAR-EFLR, is the abbreviation of Easdale Foundation for Labour Research (Easdale Emek Araştırmaları Vakfı).
It was registered in 2011, but it took some time to get hold of an office space, also there were some other reasons for the delay of its public opening.

EMAR-EFLR has publicly opened at the end of 2013. In that sense, it is a brand new organization.

It is the aim of the Trustees of EMAR-EFLR to make this organisation a hub of research and a centre of gravity for academicians in the service of working class.

Trustees are not academicians; they have active workers’ background. They are aware of the difficulties that may follow.

However, they presume that they may overcome the difficulties with the help and contributions from the “working class-friendly” young/old academicians who are working abroad and in Turkey.

Moreover, there are advantages of being a worker as well, such as, belonging to the union movement and hence the ability to reach its global resources.

Trustees of EMAR-EFLR believe in “the transformation of intellectuals into workers and the workers into intellectuals”, as it was expressed in the slogan of the Worker’s Health Association (ISD) in Istanbul some 30 years ago, and that it is a complementary process.

EMAR-EFLR is a young organization. However, the founders’ firm trust and belief in the working class and its capability to create a bright future for the world goes well back, to 1848s.

EMAR-EFLR salutes bot the Tradition and the Future!