Project #1: The Working Class of Turkey – Numerical Data and the General Framework

Summary: The Project aims, first and foremost, to search for, gather, collect, re-classify and update all available economical-social-demographical statistical data / indicators about the Working Class – which certain circles claim as “non-existent anymore”, or “disintegrated into several layers”, and is “no more a collective unit”  -  and present them back to the working class and the workers’ movement using EFLR Website.
The Project intends to exploit the approach and methods of the work of the dear working-class intellectual Ms E. Engin, “Marksizmde İşçi Sınıfının Kapsamı ve Türkiye”, 1990 (The Scope and Extent of the Working Class in Marxism and Turkey, in Turkish, 1990).  It will also try to make projections to the future from the concrete data for the benefit of new workers - revolutionary generations.
Project Contact:  İ.Büyükakan, 
If you want to have more detailed information about the Project or want to contribute to it, please contact us by writing to ismail@emarvakfı.org.
Project Length: The first phase: 6-9 months. The preliminary data and evaluations will be presented to public for feedback, the second phase will also be shared using website. Last update...