Project #2: Creation of an E-Library of Union Publications.

Summary: There are quite a few printed union (or union-related) publications (i.e. books, pamphlets, leaflets, reports, magazines, posters, etc) from before 1980 and after, in the EFLR Library Archives. These publications are too old, having lost their practical “actual” value due to new developments in the organisational sphere, or changes in the laws throughout the years.
However, they have an organisational-historical value. They are priceless resources from the point of view of labour research, for example, for a labour historian. Therefore, we decided to scan all documents we have at our disposal in the Archives and create an electronical archive within EFLR Library, which will mainly give service to EFLR-connected researchers.
The Second Stage of this Project intends to involve all the existing unions both in private and in public sectors which would be interested in participation into such a project in order to create an Common Information Pool for the whole union movement. This would require donation/collection of all relevant union publications for the Project purposes. At this Stage we will be asking selected unions who volunteer to include their printed publications in the E-Library (which would be open to all Union movement).
Project Contact: M. Köseoğlu.
Please contact us for further information by writing to mumin@emarvakfı.org.

Project Length: First phase, will last 6-9 months. The scope and length of the second phase will depend on the number of participant unions. We will evaluate each future stage of the project according to the availability of resources.