We hereby present a historical / actual Excel table showing the distribution of workers in Turkey into the industrial and/or service branches which were determined by the State by the laws and regulations issued at different times, and the union memberships in different sectors.

For the time being we have uploaded input data from 2004 to 2014. However, this table will go as many years as the Turkish statistics may permit us, creating a comprehensive Historical data about union membership.
We intend to create more comprehensive and better organised table for our own purposes of presenting the working class its own image in correct ways.

We should warn the reader about the fact that, information supplied by the State Statistics Office and Ministry of Labour has not always been the most reliable. Petty politics of Ministry of Labour  bureaucracy and the employers lobby have often in the past created biased and wrong presentations of labour statictics. One big job the working class Left faces in Turkey is to sift through the amalgamation of data to find the nearest-to-correct figures about ourselves. It is a very unrewarding job which requires lots of patience and attention.
It might be so everywhere else but it is in Turkey a real issue. We apologize for that. Otherwise, we will be happy to answer your questions if you write to us at bilgi@emarvakfı.org

Tables and Graphics. Updated on 18 September 2017.